Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Languages of Nepal

                     The people of Nepal are divided into various classes & sub-classes.They speak different dialects, wear different clothes & eat different foods.There national language is Nepali. There are another language also like; Newari, Maithali, Tamang etc. In Nepal educated people also speak international language English.

Health in Nepal

                        Nepal is very poor country. Without money development is impossible. So that Health sector is not developed well. There are not good Hospital in Nepal. there are few but they are more expensive. Some government hospital are cheap but they don't give good service. Most of people are back to get good Health.

Electricity & Communication in Nepal

                   Electricity is the one of the main problems of Nepal. Because of lack of technology & tools it can't be improve. Without electricity word is dark. In Nepal it is produce by water called hydro-electricity power. Without it communication is also impossible. Nepalis has different types of communication as T.V, Radio,Computer, Telephone, News paper, Internet etc.

Transport in Nepal

               Nepal is very typical in its geography. Most of the part is covered by hills. It is very difficult to develop transportation. There are different kinds of transportation in Nepal like; Rope way, Road way, Water way, Air way, Rail way etc. 

Life style of Nepalis

          Peoples of Nepal live simple life. Most of people depend on agriculture. So they called as framers. Now a days people are educated. Educated people are engage in business. People having different cast has their own work; like Sharkies sew shoes, Dabaai sew cloths, Brahman worship gods etc.      

Religion in Nepal

             In past  Nepali is a Hindu state but it is not now. All religion is can enjoy freely. There are different religious classes, the major ones being the Hindus and the Buddhists. Some people are Muslims, Christians etc.

Climates in Nepal

            The climate is hot in south & cold in north.The Himalayan is very cold in winter. The Terai is very hot in summer. The monsoon blowing from Bays of Bengal brings rain in summer.In hilly side it is normal.